officially closed

after years of letting this limp along with a couple of entries posted i am officially shuttering it. back in 2010, just after we got started, my computer and recording equipment were stolen just as we were gaining momentum and it was a setback from which we never recovered. i have paid for storage for a while now to keep these two entries available but it just doesn't seem worth it anymore. sorry about that. thanks for listening.


episode 001 - the grand illusion

alright, it's here! our first full length episode. we first started discussing this enterprise back in march and are very pleased to see it finally coming to fruition. join us as we discuss jean renoir's anti-war classic, the grand illusion (1937). download episode 001 here or just press play below to listen.

unfortunately, as we mention, the rights to the film have reverted to studio canal so it is out of print as a criterion collection title. you can still take a look at the criterion collection page for the film, which includes a link to a nice essay by peter cowie, here.

if you find yourself so moved by what we had to say that you must own this film, you can pick up a used copy here.

if you would like to add the film to your netflix queue, click here.

as always, thanks for listening and any correspondence is encouraged and appreciated. we'll be back soon with episode 002, covering akira kurosawa's masterpiece, seven samurai (1954). see you then.


episode 000 - getting to know you, getting to know all about you

hello, come on in.

our fledgling enterprise begins. i'm sure there will be a little trial and error over the coming days (maybe weeks) but that's how you learn, right? join us in this introductory episode as we discuss laserdiscs, spending christmas with fritz lang, the general aim of the podcast and other bits of film geekery. download episode 000 here or just press play below.

you can read the inteview with peter becker that we make reference to here.